Hair Extensions Volumiser System


Hair Extensions Volumiser Adds Volume and Length!
The Amazing Volumiser Hair Replacement System

This system is for thinning hair and where hair has been lost in patches. It,s somewhere between extensions and a custom made wig. The difference between this and a wig though is it doesn’t,t come off your head, it,s attached to your own hair permanently and needs maintenance every six weeks. You can wash and dry the system just like your own hair. 100% human hair is used, so you can use any heated appliances that you may wish to use. You can swim or do any other activities confident that the system won,t move.

If the hair at the back and sides is strong enough we use wefts of hair in horizontal rows for a natural effect. We then build a foundation with breathable mesh as seen on the pictures. Whilst this doesn’t look very nice, no one sees this when the system is finished. This is just to show how the whole system works so you know what to expect. The system has been used for years by the Afro Caribbean community. They braid their own hair and then the wefts and closure (I,ll explain what that is in a moment) are sewn on to the braids using a circular needle. With this system we attach the wefts with micro rings and the mesh foundation.

The “closure” is a small toupee that is 4 inches by 4 inches which we put over the mech and blend by cutting into the other hair, sometimes with your own hair if there is enough to work with. Every head is different.

Hair Extensions Volumiser Collage


Hair Extensions / Volumiser System / Before During and After

Hair Extensions / Volumiser System / Before and After