Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening is luxury a hair straightening and smoothing treatment which will liberate you from the daily use of straightening irons- think of the extra time you can spend in bed! Why not try the poker straight look for a beautiful glossy finish or opt for the natural straight to eliminate frizz, reduce volume and give you an effortlessly smooth style. This permanent reshaping treatment allows you to achieve frizz free hair that defies humidity making it a “must have” for the summer holidays! You can style your hair any way you want but your new shape will return after you wash your hair.
Hair that has been treated will remain straight and only the regrowth will require a retouch. The average time between treatments is 4-9 months but will depend upon your hair type and how fast it grows.

I’ve been using Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening for the past 4 years and I love the results! The best thing is the condition it leaves hair in. Super shiny! Many hair straightening systems in the past left the hair parched and dull, but not Momoko. Another huge advantage of Momoko is that it is suitable for most hair types and offers poker straight or natural straight results, which is a big plus point. Not everyone wants poker straight hair which is completely flat, so that’s why it’s so great to be able to now offer a “straight with body” service with Momoko. With current fashion trends I do more of this than anything else. Most clients only need a top up every 6 months so it’s not even high maintenance!

“Jasper Benjamin – Hair By Jasper Bristol”